People say I'm a dreamer...I call it a defense mechanism against life.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Late Night Blogging...after an odd day

The night is finally beginning to feel cooler after a quick rain shower, the city has quieted down and just the odd person is wondering the streets at this hour. I am sitting in the floor of my house’s corridor with a lot on my mind and a sense of relief that Wednesday is finally over. Today was quite an odd day for me! The day started pretty much in the same way as always: I’ve woken up 10 minutes too late and I’m rushing to get ready. I finally make it out of the door and into my car, so begins my maniacal drive to work.

Things started to get weird once I stepped out of the car when I realized one of my heels broke off. So I had to spend the rest of the morning limping all over the office till finally at noon I went home for a quick shoe change. Another thing that got to me today was the fact that other than an email here and there I had absolutely nothing to do all day at work! Over and over again I searched in my mind for things to do, and over and over again I confirmed I had turned everything in! So the hours went by painfully slow, I think I checked my email around 50 times, I read every gossip site imaginable, and to top things off none of my messenger buddies were online today! These are the days when I feel like such a fraud! All day I pretended to look busy and a couple of times I got up to print something so people would think I was hard at work. I felt like I was being such a bad employee and even contemplated asking my boss for something to do, but then I quickly discarded the idea because it could backfire so badly!

Anyways I finally made to the end of the workday, so I get in my car and as I was driving home I suddenly hear a loud thump in my side window….someone for some reason threw something at me, and I am almost sure it was a cup of coffee! My window was covered in a latte colored liquid…I mean who the hell does that!?

Tomorrow shall be another day…hopefully better!


Ralph Ivy said...

A day in the day of a life. Nothing happens. And you are home. Reflecting. And you write about a day in the day of a life of nothing happening. And it happens! You take the day. And via the Net give it to me, to others. You are not a diarist.
You are an artist. Thank you.

Stella said...

kind words from a man with an awesome blog!