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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kiss and Tell

On Friday I went out with my girlfriends, we had a last minute girls night out. For some reason or another (probably the alcohol) we got to talking about how many guys we had kissed, throughout our dating careers. So we all grabbed a napkin and starting making the infamous list. Guess who's was longer?...yes mine! Turns out that during my 10 years of dating I have kissed 35 guys! At first my friends were teasing you "slutty Mcslut", so I had to come up with a defense....after a few seconds a blurted out: "Hey Ive kissed 35 guys in the span of 10 years, for which most of them I have been single, its comes up to about 3.5 guys per year, not bad!"
I know this whole conversation was silly and very high schoo-ish but none the less fun. It forced me to remember all of those guys burried in my past, some of them intended never to be revisited, and some of them did bring back fond memories. It brought back memories of what it felt like to have butterflies in your stomach, to agonize next to the phone waiting for his call, and the joy of the perfect kiss at the perfect moment. Eventhough I moved on to sex and more mature romantic experiences nothing beats the feeling of floating in the air in your crush's arms as the world stop for that brief moment. I guess what Im trying to say is that i miss that ingenuity that came with teenage romance!

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