People say I'm a dreamer...I call it a defense mechanism against life.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Of Weeds and Cracks

As the girl waited in the lonely parking lot under the unforgiving noon sun, she looked down to give her eyes a rest from the incessant glare. She noticed a weed coming out from one of the cracks in the concrete. The tiny plant seemed determined to exist where it shouldn’t. Somehow it had found a weak spot in the concrete and made its way to the surface where it could bask under the life giving sun. Then she started wondering how come such a resilient life form could be considered undesirable by most people and branded as a pest. How come people devoted products and energy to stop nature from overcoming such an unnatural material like concrete?

Then just like a spark, a thought suddenly lit up her brain, she realized that her love for the boy was exactly like that weed. Many times had she tried to yank that love from her heart and in a few occasions she had been pretty sure she had pulled it out with roots and all. But just like that pesky weed, that love found a crack in her heart that yet had no healed and started making its way to the surface, so it too could bask under the good sun. And just like that weed in the lonely parking lot, she couldn’t decide if it was an admirable thing to be cherished or if it was a pest that needed to be combated. But what she did know is that every time that love resurfaced it made the crack in her heart just a little bit wider.